Stories of Recovery in an Internet Age

Stories of Recovery in an Internet Age

In 2002, our newsletter, the SCAnner, published articles about using technology to help carry the SCA message. The editor at the time, Deanna R., said it could only help SCA as a whole to hear about how members have coped with recovery in light of the trials and tribulations of the Internet.

Ths issue had 30 contributors, with stories of recovery from members in Canada, Scotland, Ireland, England, Indonesia, Japan, and Belgium in addition to the United States, thus exemplifying the impact that online and offline outreach has had in spreading the SCA message.

Since that issue was published, Online Intergroup established its own website,, where you can keep current on recovery in an Internet age.

Each story represents only the member who wrote it; none of these writings are SCA Conference Approved Literature. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Recovering Online in Canada – Chris W (British Columbia, Canada)

From New York to London – Tom B (London, England)

All the Way From Japan! – Ricky (near Kobe, Japan)

Recovery Thoughts From Belgium – Dano (Belgium)

Finding SCA Online From Ireland – Micheal D (Cork, Ireland)

An Indonesian’s Perspective – Ash (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Online Recovery from Scotland — A Godsend – Graham (Scotland)