Many meetings offer “chips” to celebrate a member’s time adhering to his or her Sexual Recovery Plan or time in program. The International Service Organization does not have an official chip supplier; we provide this information in the interest of carrying the message.

  • New York Intergroup sells “an original, clean and elegant chip” including a Chip Starter Kit and reorders from its chips page. To place an order or get further information, write to

Chips are usually given out sometime during the break where SCA announcements are made. The person who has been elected as the trusted servant for giving out chips may lead this time by saying:

At this meeting we use chips to celebrate periods of continuous sexual sobriety (or time in program, depending on the local group conscience). We would like to celebrate those periods with you. Is there anyone who has 30 days or more to celebrate? (If someone raises their hand, the “chip person” would ask them for which period they are celebrating and then go over to them, give them the appropriate chip and also a hug)

Is anyone counting days? (there are usually no chips given for counting days, but the group will applaud to acknowledge the person).

Finally, we also offer the white chip, or the Surrender Chip, to anyone who is willing to surrender themselves to a new way of life. (Again, the “chip person” would go to anyone raising their hand, giving them a chip and a hug.)

Other Resources to Obtain Chips

Some other intergroups have established their own sources for chips. The information on the following businesses is provided by the intergroups specified. Under our Sixth Tradition we do not endorse or lend the SCA name to these outside enterprises.

  • Trinity Recovery Chips (information provided by the Los Angeles Intergroup)
    c/o Mrs. Lynette Hartnett
    39658 Country Club Drive
    Palmdale, California 93551
    (661) 319-9056