Our Stories and the Steps

Our Stories and the Steps

The year was 1998, and representatives gathered from various 12-step fellowships to discuss ways to help carry the message of recovery to the sexual compulsive who still suffers. Many of those at that Interfellowship Forum lamented a lack of focus on the Twelve Steps at meetings. In response, our newsletter, the SCAnner, commissioned an entire issue in 1999 devoted to members’ sharings about working the steps. Each story represents only the member who wrote it; none of these writings are SCA Conference Approved Literature. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Step 1: Powerless but not Helpless – Joe F (NY)

Step 2: Believing in Number Two – Vito (NY)

Step 3: The Paradox of the Third Step – David A-S (NY)

Step 4: Surrender Dorothy – Jeffry D (NY)

Step 5: As Sick as our Secrets – Seana A (NY)

Step 6: Getting Ready – Stuart C (NY)

Step 7: Humility not Humiliation – Neil R (NY)

Step 8: Beyond the Surface – Dean Y (NY)

Step 9: Love Does Mean Having to Say You’re Sorry – John K (NY)

Step 10: Being Steadfast in Recovery Leads to Constant Renewal – David D (Milwaukee)

Step 11: The $64,000 Question – Paul W (NY)

Step 12: Spiritual Round Up – Joe L (LA)