Service is a way of helping ourselves maintain sexual sobriety by helping others. Being an officer of a meeting, sponsoring someone, working on intergroup projects, being available for phone calls from other members and attending meetings are all forms of service that promote our own recovery and assist the continuation of SCA as a whole. Service is a commitment to ourselves, to our fellowship and to our fellow sexual compulsives.

International Service Organization

The purpose of the International Service Organization of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (ISO of SCA) is to further the recovery of those who suffer from sexual compulsion. It is entirely operated by volunteers. One of the main functions of ISO is to develop and approve literature for SCA. Read More>>


Sponsorship is two people with the same problem helping each other to work the program. It can provide a framework for a sexual recovery plan and for doing the Twelve Steps, and can bring emotional support at difficult times. Read More>>

How to Start a Meeting

It only takes two people to have an SCA meeting, but starting it is another story. These basic guidelines and questions are designed to assist you in starting a meeting of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous. Read More>>

Four Obstacles to Success

All SCA meetings are intended to be constructive, helpful, loving and understanding. In striving toward those ideals, we avoid matters that can distract us from our goals and that can cause dissension. Read More>>