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    Tuesday, to 7:00 pm

    To dial in to the meeting it is necessary to install the Skype program. This can be done via the homepage: or via the Google Play Store. It is advisable not to choose your full name as your profile name when registering, because of anonymity. The first name or other designations are sufficient. After successfully registering and logging in, you can enter SCA Germany in the search and then our logo and the information about when the meeting will take place and how you can attend the meeting will appear. If you don't have a profile yet, you should start preparing 30 minutes before the meeting. Otherwise, 10 minutes in advance is enough to find us. Since the meeting works in the form of a group call, you cannot directly call the participant: SCA. You have to write a message to SCA Germany beforehand. This is done via the internal Skype chat. Then you are invited to the call. The meeting format initially corresponds to the Monday meeting. So it is read continuously from the Blue Book. Because of the anonymity, dialing in without turning on the camera is usually desired. However, this function is no longer available for more than three participants.

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  • Updated November 9, 2020