Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping Charge

Order Amount Cost
$0 to $14.99 4.75
$15 to $24.99 7.50
$25 to $49.99 11.37
$50 to $99.99 18.75
$100 to $199.99 31.50
$200 to $299.99 47.50
$300 to $399.99 59.50
$400.00+ 15% of order

We include proof of delivery (for orders under $50) or insurance in the shipping charge.

Purchasers seeking a wholesale discount should contact the Literature Distribution Coordinator BEFORE placing an order here. In the body of the message, please include: 1) a summary of your desired purchase; and 2) a phone contact number.

Shipping, Handling and Merchandising Policy

The International Service Organization of SCA Inc., a service board of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, a 12 Step fellowship, is a non-profit 503(c)(3) corporation that serves SCA group(s) around the world. It is staffed by unpaid volunteers from the fellowship at large, but may hire special workers in accordance with The Traditions.

ISO’s Literature Distribution Committee (LDC) is responsible for the sale and shipping of the copyrighted printed booklets, pamphlets and other literature produced and printed on behalf of the SCA fellowship at large.

ISO sells these materials to other service boards, meetings and individuals at prices calculated to cover all costs associated with this function, as well as a modest “royalty” to support its primary mission: to carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers.

To accomplish this task, ISO utilizes outside agencies, not affiliated with or endorsed by ISO, including but not limited to: the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), Software Vendors, Printing Companies, Basic Goods Suppliers, Internet Services, Email, Payment Services, etc. ISO has no control over the actions or policies of these agencies, takes no position on their merits, does not lend its name to their operations, and takes no position on any issues outside its primary function.

As an all-volunteer organization, ISO strives to provide timely customer service, but fulfillment of orders placed via its web site may vary from three (3) days up to three (3) weeks. Exceptions to this general timeframe may occur from time to time. Orders placed via postal mail-in order form may take four (4) to six (6) weeks, subject to exceptions as noted previously.

Prices for merchandise, shipping and ancillary services (Delivery Confirmation™, Insurance, etc) are subject to change without notice. ISO makes good faith efforts to notify the groups it serves of such changes in advance (where possible) through its Inreach Committee.

Insured package claims will be submitted electronically by the LDC and goods will be replaced if proof of loss or damage is adequate to substantiate a claim to the outside insurance agent.

Refunds requested before shipment within 60 days are entitled to a full refund by notifying the LDC (phone, email or writing). Refunds requested after shipment will be honored upon return of the merchandise at the user’s expense within 60 days of purchase. Items shipped and returned to the LDC as undeliverable will be re-sent to a new addressee, or/or valid address upon payment of a re shipping fee to be determined by the LDC. Such payment can be made by check, money order or online by using the “Donate to ISO” link on ISO’s web site.

Refund of “excessive” shipping charges will be made, based on the following formula: a) the total S&H charges exceed $40; b) the amount of the charge exceeds ACTUAL cost + 4% of the retail Merchandise Total (MT); c) the amount of the refund will be the excess of S&H charged over the amount calculated in b) above.

USA Domestic

All orders will be sent with USPS Delivery Confirmation™ at ISO’s expense. This provides proof of shipping, tracking and delivery.

Any order placed with a total MT + Shipping & Handling (S&H) charge over $50 will be insured for its full value at ISO’s expense. In the event of loss or damage, ISO will file a claim to recover the MT and replace the shipment as soon as possible.

Orders whose MT+S&H fall short of the $50 minimum and are subject to documented loss or major damage will be replaced at the discretion of the LDC in his/her best judgment of the circumstances. ISO will generally NOT replace these orders subject to loss where the cause of loss is user provided misinformation about recipient and address or restrictions imposed by third-parties. Appeals of the LDC’s decision may be requested in writing or e-mail, where the decision will be reviewed by ISO’s Executive Committee and either affirmed or reversed by a simple majority vote.


Any order with a MT of $50 or more will be sent using a shipping method that includes “Package Tracking” as part of the USPS service. 1st Class Int’l provides tracking to border. Priority Mail Int’l may provide minimal tracking, indicate delivery date, but not “proof of delivery.”

International orders’ effective delivery and S&H charges depend on the destination country’s rules and cost structure. Those placing such orders are highly encouraged to contact the LDC with a definitive list of items to be purchased and receive a selection of prices for S&H with the risks and benefits of each prior to selecting one method and placing a final order.

Any order with an MT over $50 will be insured at ISO’s expense provided that the service class chosen or covered by calculated S&H charges is eligible for this service. If not insured, ISO provides NO replacement of International orders.